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ChildSafe Standards

Standard #1. We are committed to embedding child safety in our organisation. All our workers (staff and volunteers) complete the safe churches/boundaries training, regardless of whether they work directly with children or not. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #2. Children are safer when organisations teach them about their rights to be heard, listened to and believed. We include children in our planning, development and reflection phases of organisation by utilising conversations around satisfaction and creative thinking. We maintain a complaints policy and address issues raised both timely and appropriately. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #3.  Children are safer when organisations include parents, carers and families in their activities and consult them on children's development. Our church is a family made up of people at every age and stage of development. We work collaborately to develop programs and services. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #4. In our organisation, we uphold equity and diverse needs are taken into account. All children are welcomed and included in church life. We provide reasonable accommodations and support to enable participation regardless of ability. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #5. At our organisation, we work to ensure that the people working with children are suitable and supported. All our workers have current Working with Children Checks which are verified by our staff. All our workers complete the Safe Churches/ Boundaries training and refresh these checks and training every 3-5 years depending on childsafe guidelines. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #6. We know that childsafe cultures create environments where staff can identify and report suspected harm of children. Workers are supported to report children at risk of harm in accordance with our Child Safe policy. Workers are supported to to report any incidents or accidence in accordance with our incident management policy. Feedback is invited from workers, parents, children and church members as per our complaints policy. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #7. A child safe organisation promotes continuous learning and provides regular ongoing education and training. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #8. A child safe organisation adapts its physical environments to minimise opportunities for abuse to occur. We provide spaces that are safe for children to learn and play in, including dedicated facilities. We ensure that all public areas of the church are easily visible. #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #9. Child safe organisations know it takes ongoing effort to maintain a safe environment for children. We believe that children can have a personal relationship with Jesus, that children are valuable individuals  and an important part of the Body of Christ. We are committed to continuous improvement to ensure children can participate safely in the life of the church.   #ChildSafe Standards

Standard #10. Our organisation's policies and procedures reflect the Child Safe Standards. #ChildSafe Standards

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