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'I Need ...'

New Life Church believes that community is built by doing life together which sometimes means we need people's help for the practical things in life

'I need a lift to church'

Let us know if you or someone you know can't make it to church or any of our weekly events and we will try to find a way for you to be involved.

'I need help moving house'

Moving house can be exhausting, especially if you have limited hands to lift and pack. Let us know if you are in need of some extra hands to help you with your move

'I need a meal'

Sometimes things happen in life that make it difficult to get a meal on the table for yourself or your family. Let us know if your struggling so we can help you out with some food 

'I need a friend'

Sometimes all we need is a friend

'I need clothing'

You may need some new clothes for yourself, your family or a friend. We'll search for some clothing in your size

'I just need help'

Let us know if you are in need & we will try to help you out where we can

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